Bronwen Carson ~ Director / Writer / Artistic Advisor



Award - Winning Director and Writer

Specializing in:

  • Cinematic stagings
  • Adaptations
  • Period dramas
  • Incorporation of non-verbal storytelling into traditional script-based work. 


Current Projects / In Production

a Savage, Simple - Reading, NYC, Fall 2017 

Magpie (currently in production) Director / Screenwriter

The Beckoning of Bryn O’Mara (pre-production / 2018) Director

Echo ( Working Title) TV series - Writer

Status (in pre-production) Director/Screenwriter

Bite Me (production team) Summer 2017, NYC


Artistic Advising / Coaching

Artistic Advisor for film and theatre, specializing in the incorporation of movement based storytelling. Available as a consultant for projects in the workshop stage to help maintain the integrity and clarity of the story as it is devised and rehearsed. 

Master Teacher specializing in the incorporation of Stanislavsky System, Chekov, Meisner and Physical Theatre techniques into the training of artists for theatre and film.

2015-17 Master Classes taught at: The Actors Studio, NYU Gallatin, Juilliard, En Avant Foundation, North Carolina Theatre Conservatory 

Available for private coaching on a limited basis

 -Click here for information on Coaching / Artistic Advising-

Recent and Upcoming Projects

~ APRIL'S FOOL ~ (New York Int'l Fringe Festival 2015)

Recipient - Excellence in Directing Award 

Performed at The Connelly Theatre, NYC Written by : Kelly McAllister

~TUNNELS ABOVE GROUND~ (Duke Films - 2017)

Released 2017 - Film   
Directed & Written by Bronwen Carson
Co-creator Samantha Schutte-Buchanan
Cinematography by Michael Lang

~THE MAN WHO LAUGHS ~ The Treehouse Theatre

Starring Tony Award Winner, James Iglehart

A live theatrical staging of the silent film "The Man Who Laughs" based upon the short story by Viktor Hugo. 

49th Street and Other Stories

A Visual Novel / Live Theatre Production.  One. Decade. Three different apartments. Hells Kitchen, NYC 

MAGPIE (SoundingLine)

(Currently shooting in NYC - July 2017) Maggie "Magpie" Sands is a young woman fighting against loneliness.  In this darkly charming tale, Magpie eventually finds a way to create a world where magic and beauty are allowed. 


"Playing with Fire," based on the play by August Strindberg. This reworking of Strindberg's bold and unusual one-act comedy focuses on the play's themes of illicit coveting in a multi-media landscape and a full-scale environmental manipulation of the venue. The Box, NYC. 

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